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Test sprawdza podstawowowe słownictwo, gramatykę i umiejetność krótkiej wypowiedzi pisemnej na podstawie historyjki obrazkowej:)
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Podgląd treści

I/ VOCABULARY (6 marks)

|A/[pic] |D/[pic] |
|B/[pic] |E/[pic] |
|C/[pic] | |
| |F/[pic] |

It's very big. It's strong. It's grey. It lives in Africa. It eats leaves. It has got four legs. ELEPHANT
a/ It's very small. It has got a long tail. It lives in nearly all countries. It likes cheese.______________
b/ It's very long. It has not got any legs. It eats small animals. It is sometimes dangerous._________
c/ It can run very fast. It has got a very long neck. It eats leaves. It has got four long legs._________
d/ It can swim in the sea and walk on the land. It cannot fly. It eats fish. It lives in very cold countries.________________________
e/ It has got fingers. It can climb trees. It is brown. It lives on nuts and fruit. It lives in Africa
and Asia.____________________________
monkey penguin mouse snake zebra
giraffe seagull

What kinds of TV programmes do you like?
I like cartoons and quiz programmes.________________________
a How many hours of television do you watch every week?
b What's your favourite sport?
c How often do you eat chocolate?
d How many girls are there in your class?
e/ What are you doing at the moment?
f/ Where do you live? ____________________________________________________________________


I/ Complete the sentences with the best answer, a, b, or c. (14 points)
1. “How are you?”
“I'm ___a___, thank you.”
a. fine b. seventeen c. hello

2. “Where are you from?”
“I'm from ______ .”
a. American b. British c. Japan

3. “Is he from China?”
“Yes, ______ .”
a. is he b. he is c. he's14.

4 “How old is she?”
“ ______ fifteen years old.”
a. She's b. Her c. He's

5. Please, come in and sit ______.
a. up b. off c. down

6. I ______ English.
a. am like b. like c. do like

7. We ______ in Amsterdam.
a. like b. do live c. live
8. I ______ listening to the radio.
a. is b. are c. am

9. “What's this?”
“______ a book.”
a. It b. This c. It's

10. nine, ten, ______, twelve
a. eight b. eleven c. thirteen

11. “______ do you live?”
“In Boston.”
a. Where b. Who c. What

12. I have a brother ______ two sisters.
a. and b. but c. at

13. Please ______ the ...