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Beata Maria Iwińska- Lewicka
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Zestaw kilku gier i zabaw dla uczniów kl.1-3 oraz starszych stanowiący okazję do wprowadzenia oraz powtórzenia słownictwa angielskiego w atrakcyjny sposób.
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Podgląd treści


• ALPHABET – children make letters of a given word using their bodies.

• A WALK WITH AN ENGLISH ALPHABET – students go for a short walk near the school and they are looking for things that begin from each letter of the alphabet. They write names on the shit of paper eg:

A – apples
B – bridge
C – car …

• GUESSING GAME – children guess a name of a letter or a number written by a friend on their backs.

• MEMORY GAMES – “In the jungle I can see…”
“I’ve been to a shop and I’ve bought…”
- pupil one says: In the jungle I can see (eg. a lion). Next person
replies repeating his / her friend’s sentence and adds his own name of
the animal. The game continues.
We can use the same game procedure with another statement.

• TPR ACTIVITY – the teacher gives instructions:
“Change your place: who has a watch,
who has a brother or sister,
who wears jeans,
whose name starts with “M”,
who hasn’t got any animals at home,
who plays a musical instrument”.
Children move around the classroom and sit on the other place.

• I CAN…
Children complete the sentence “ I can…” on the piece of paper
and stick it on the big tree on the board. After that they read sentences and guess who can do this, who is an author?
They can make sentences: My friend Ania can draw but I can’t draw.
I can play the guitar.

• MAGICIAN - you are a magician. Using magic wand change your friends into animals. Remember the spell: Abracadabra
- be a small dog,
- be a talking parrot,
- be a running horse
The children imitate different animals using gestures and voice.

• REPETITION - children in a circle. Teacher shows a mug and says: DRINK IT. The children pass the mug in a circle and repeat the words: DRINK IT. Teacher uses different things:
An apple - EAT IT
A book - READ IT
A ball – PLAY IT
A spoon – MIX IT
A paintbrush – PAINT IT…
The children pass things and say words in rhythm.

• A WORD SNAKE - children write words that begin on the last letter of the previous word.

Children write words associated with the topic (as many as they know).
ship sea