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Pobrano przez użytkownika Jolanta Krucka 129665

Macmillan Education

Macmillan Education

All Clear klasa 7 Tests Audioscript All Clear klasa 7 © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2014 and Macmillan Polska 2017 T02 Progress Test, Unit 1, Listening Interviewer Gareth, you are only 16 years old but you are already a professional footballer. How does it feel to be famous? Gareth Well, actually, I’m a very shy person. I don’t go out much. After training or playing a match, I like staying at home and watching TV. Interviewer What programmes do you watch? Gareth I love watching sports programmes, especially football, of course. I also like watching tennis and rugby on TV. Interviewer Do you do any other sports, apart from football? Gareth Yes, I play tennis once a week although I’m not very good at it. I just play for fun. I also like playing basketball. I’m tall so basketball is easy for me and I’m quite good at it. Sometimes, I go swimming because it’s very relaxing when I’m feeling stressed. It’s also good to go swimming after playing football, so I often go swimming on Sundays. Interviewer What about training? Do you train every day? Gareth We train five days a week. We have a match on Saturday or Sunday, and then we usually have a free day the next day. Interviewer What training do you do? Gareth We run a lot. Once a week, we run 10 kilometres. It’s very difficult and we don’t enjoy it. We also go to the gym for training. We train with the ball too, of course. I love that. It’s my favourite type of training. Interviewer Apart from watching sports on TV, what do you do in your free time? Gareth I like going out for a meal with my family. My favourite food is pizza so we often go to a pizza restaurant. I never go to discos. I don’t like dancing and, anyway, I’m usually too tired! I enjoy chatting online with my friends and I also like surfing the Internet and reading reports about the matches I play. Interviewer Do you enjoy playing football every week? Gareth Yes, I love it! I’m very lucky because I really enjoy my job. Interviewer Thanks, Gareth. Good luck with the match on Saturday! Gareth ...