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Anna Krygowska-Malik
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Opis projektu realizowanego w Zespole Szkolno-Przedszkolnym nr 6 w Rzeszowie w roku szkolnym 2020/2021.
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E-twinning project “Christmas traditions at our homes”.

This project is designed for English learners who want to practise their linguistic skills. In this project students are expected to exchange their experiences about Christmas traditions at their homes. They are going to get to know students from other schools, introduce themselves, chat online, exchange e-mails, presentations, write Christmas wishes. Pupils will also create exercises for practising Christmas vocabulary. They can compare how Christmas is celebrated in villages and cities. The project will take place during November/December and it is dedicated for students aged 11-12. Although it is designed by Polish schools we are open to cooperation with some foreign partners.


To practise English,

To exchange experiences,

To get to know new penpals,

To get to know different Christmas traditions,

To develop IT skills,

To keep Christmas spirit alive.

Work process:

The end of November – students will introduce themselves (write a few sentences about their hobbies and interests).

The beginning of December - pupils will make presentations about Christmas traditions at their homes.

The middle of December – pupils are going to project Christmas cards and exchange wishes.

The end of December – pupils will create Christmas exercises using different IT tools.

During the project participants will communicate in English by chat and e-mails.

Expected results:

Pupils will improve their linguistic and IT skills, they will develop the understanding of different cultures and traditions and they will keep Christmas spirit alive in these difficult times.